Riziki: The Birth of a Dream

The fact that I am even writing this post feels like a life time of waiting. SO, SO, SO many things have gone wrong, horrible even down right traumatizing, yet here we are. I had this process, this way, that I thought it all would go... and yeah, it defiantly has not. Even now there are so many other things that I wish I was writing to go along with this post that I am not yet able to say are reality. And the truth is I don't know if they ever will be nor do I, even kind of, think that I can begin to tell you how they will.

I used to think that if I just worked hard enough, was honest and truthful, kind and loving, and did the right things enough, that everything would go, well, smoothly. Whether I thought this out right or subconsciously I don't know, non-the-less there it was behind all my thinking. I don't know that I have all the answers to all that and I am not sure that I ever will. I do know that dreaming and having vision is not for the faint of heart and I have thought often that mine would give way in the process of holding onto my dreams.

 Yet here I am. I may be walking with a limp like Jacob did when he wrestled the Lord, or maybe we are still in the "wrestle" stage of our relationship, I'm not sure. I'll keep you updated on that. Either way I have come to terms with the fact that a limp is in my future either way.

My fight in many ways is not over and I don't really know that it ever does end. I think that's a very American, prosperity gospel way of thinking that doesn't really "line up" with the real gospel.But that's a whole other post on another day.

I do know that God is faithful, good and true to who He says that He is and He will finish this work in me and you too that He started. That's a real promise and hope that I can both have faith for and hold on to.

A piece of my heart that I have longed for and wept over is in the early stages of labor and I am ready for the beautiful pain that will bring forth this baby.

So here's the big news victory:

We are officially African missionaries and we are officially the directors of a Children's home with 33 beautiful babes whom I have already begun to fall in love with.

Building the website for our mission work has been a beautiful labor of love for me and it has been my joy to start this process. Please go check out the site and please sign up for our newsletter, be ready to subscribe to our magazine, and please sponsor one of our beautiful babies!!

Go and visit our site take a look around and meet our beautiful babes HERE!!



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