Family Missions

Since 2014 we as a family have been doing missions in Kenya, Africa. We are connected with a great family that live in Kenya and each year we meet more beautiful families and individuals that are doing amazing things for the people of Kenya. 
Our heart is to support and give to these families and individuals in what they are doing there already on the ground. 
As a family we want to instill in our children to love other cultures and nations and see beyond their own present situation. To work along side others with one heart, mind, and one spirit to further the Kingdom of God. 
We want to inspire other families that you can do this too! You can take your kids to other countries. It will change their lives and worldview forever. It is totally achievable and with God all things are possible. Have faith!   

Want to go on a trip with us?? Click HERE 

Luke, Brittney, Hadassah, Judah, Levi, Gia, & Zion


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  2. What an awesome idea!! So beautiful! I will definitely be supporting!

  3. Hey, Brittney,
    We saw these balls when we were in Mozambique! They are the coolest balls, and they are so very durable, unlike traditional soccer balls! If you haven't found a place to get your balls yet, check out their bulk purchase options, or maybe consider partnering with them!
    Blessings galore,
    Grace in Kenya

    1. Thank You Grace, we have not picked a place yet so this is great! I will look into it :)
      Thank you again!


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