Our Adoption

A Brother From Another Mother

The Stasi Tribe is adding a beautiful little boy to our Tribe from Nigeria!

We have been matched!!!! We have seen our beautiful boys handsome face!!

We have completed all of our paper work and as soon as we have raised all our funds we can go get our boy!! We will add updates as we get them.

If you want to know how you can help us, here is how you can:

1) You can make donation here.  We raised a huge amount of our total amount, $33,795.00, last time we were fund raising!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped!! Now we are finally ready to move into the final stage and bring or boy home we need to raise the rest.

2) You can buy a T-shirt or Coffee mug or any merch from our shop and all the proceeds will go towards our adoption. As we add more to the collection we will post here on the blog and on our social media sites. #familytribe when you share your purchase!!

3) Cover us in prayer. Prayer for finances, for travel, for our sweet baby, for timing, and for grace for our Tribe.

The Stasi Tribe


  1. Why not an American child?

    1. What difference does it make an orphan is an orphan? Our biggest reason is that we are greatly connected to Africa and we have always felt that that is where we were supposed to adopt.
      For this particular child.

  2. Beautiful! God bless you and your heart to love as he has. As a sister in Christ and someone familiar with international adoption making sure the child has a role model that looks like them is very important. Without being naive or idealistic, adopting a child that's not from our culture, and physically is different (even if we don't see it that way) is important to understand. No matter how much love we give, having someone that they can identify with makes all the difference.
    Adoption comes from a very broken place and doing the best we can to make sure that child knows their story, their culture, and their heritage allows for healthy healing of a lifelong challenge. Much love and prayers to you and your family !

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