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We need this to go Viral!! Help us! Read below!! (SHARE & LIKE TO MAKE THIS POST GO VIRAL) ***comment below if you're in*** We need your help reuniting our family.  I've been separated from my wife and 5 kids now for 6.5 months.  I'm asking you to take a few minutes to send a few emails to hopefully help us to be together again.  For those of you who don't know, nearly 9 months ago our family traveled to Nigeria and adopted a sweet little boy. On January 3rd we applied for his visa to the USA. We should have been able to get him an immigrant visa to the USA in a month or less. Here we are nearly 7 months later and there is still no progress on our case. The US Consulate in Lagos refuses to communicate with us on the status of the case and when it may be processed. I've been away from home this entire time, and haven't seen my 5 other children for 6.5 months. It feels like my own US government is holding me and my adopted son hostage abroad. THIS IS

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