Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How To Run

If we can create these habit's, even on a small scale daily, we will begin to see a change in the way we actually accomplish our goals and weed out the distractions.

"Then the LORD answered me and said, "Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run."
Habakkuk 2:2 

Prayer: Every Day. I am learning more and more every day how important prayer is and how it helps to bring clarity, hope, and courage to keep pressing on and fighting the good fight. Relationship with the Holy Spirit and what He is doing is the only way to make life work. Falling in love with Jesus is the reward of our lives, His face is our goal in all that we do.

How To Start:

Brain Dump: A brain dump is one of our favorite tools to help keep stress down, stay organized, and get more accomplished. The idea is that you have all these tasks, lists, to-do's, all bouncing around in your head all the time. Pay the bills, water the flowers, get bread from the store, pick the kids up from school, call your mom, etc. on and on and on. When you carry a ton of to-do's around in your head all the time it creates additional stress, because you are constantly trying to remember everything and constantly worried that you may have just forgotten something. In comes the brain dump. Picture your brain as a bucket, and your tasks as a bunch of odd's and end's in that bucket. The brain dump is to simply turn that bucket over and dump it out - onto a piece of paper. You sit, and you write down every single task, list, need, to-do that you can come up with. Every single one. As more to-do's and ideas come to you write them down (this can also be done electronically). They will be messy, raw, and not put together that is ok! The whole point is to get all that messy out of your head causing stress and get it written down so you can make since of it all. When you get it all out of your head, you no longer have to feel the stress to constantly remember it all.

You can also brain dump ideas, plans, goals, and any other things bouncing around your head onto separate lists.

Rough Draft: Now you will take all your random, messy, raw brain dumps and make a rough draft out of them. This could be for an idea you have for a room in your house, a business idea, a ministry idea, and out reach, or just your daily to-do's; the possibilities are endless.

Smooth it out: make it TANGIBLE: Read over it, pray over it a lot, read over it again, re-write it until you have written it into a tangible idea, task, business plan.

Transfer: Now take your vision and put it to the project you are working towards.
A blog, a web-site, work over seas, a project for your family, or re-doing your house... etc.

Make a to do list: Even if your to do list is longer than your day, week, year, WRITE IT DOWN, get it out of your head, this will help to reduce stress. You will slowly work away at your do to list checking off tasks and adding new ones.


Set Time: When you set time for specific tasks and work at them within that set time frame it is easier to be more focused and present. The key here is to really work at only doing those things within that set time.

For example:
If I set time to write during that set time; I should only write. If I set time aside to spend family time I should guard it with my life and only do family time. Of course there will be days and time to make exceptions but the key here to make this work, is to respect your set time and in return make others respect that time as well. This helps you to not feel guilty or upset about the things you are not accomplishing or giving set focused time to. This makes it so that you can really sit down and say what is really important to me as a person or us as a family. Weed out the time that you spend on things that in the end don't matter to you or that leave you feeling empty. And of course the biggest key here is asking the Lord what those things are!!

Manage: Manage this time carefully and with forethought. There are two ditches, One saying yes to everything and not accomplishing any thing that matters to you, or saying no to everything and never even trying to go after the things the Lord is calling you too. Pray and plan so that you can go after these things and stay on the path and not in a ditch.

Plan: Make a plan, plan out your days and weeks! Plan your day out the best you can while still being flexible. Look at your week and put aside SET times and days for things such as:
- Family time
- Time with the Lord
- One-on-one time with your spouse
- Cleaning
- Date Night
- Community
- Reading
- Working on a project etc....

When making these list, plans, goals here are the keys to help:

- Pray; what is the Lord saying for you to focus on as an individual, as a family, as a community
- Make it tangible. Be realistic. While still pushing yourself to meet the MAIN priorities.
- What is important not popular or grand but important.
- Make a list of priority, from greatest to least.
- Accomplish what you have set out before adding more. Say no if it does not line up. Take things off and add others.

L & B 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Advent Christmas 2016

I am still here. I am still breathing. Is that how any of you feel?
I have been determined this Christmas season to be focused on Christ and on family. Lesson I have learned is that next year I will start letting everyone know that in November. ha. I don't care what anyone says I love thinking about goals in the month of December that will be writing down and planning on working on starting in January. Do you? Do you have any easy ways that you implement these goals?

I also love looking back over the year and remembering the bad/hard experiences and recognizing what I can learn from learn. And of coarse remembering all the beauty and blessing despite the freaking hard, hard crap that seems to want to swallow you whole.

And while all these are great things and I love doing them, trying to slow down and focus is my favorite. Yet way, way harder than you may think. So keep fighting for whats important to you and not all these other opinionated haters ( silly face here)

We used an advent book this year and if you follow me on IG you have seen all that we have been doing. If not check it out. On my fb page I have posted some video's.

"The word Advent means coming. It is to prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ. To behold the one who has come. To behold the one who dwells among us now. And to behold the one who will come again."
Slow + Sacred Advent
Jennifer Naraki

I can't wait for January I have so many exciting things planned. For now I am here at home with my babies and I am finding so much joy in it when I choose too.

Merry Christmas 
The Stasi Tribe 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Farm Life

We have been in a consent forward motion since we put our house on the market back in February. Living on this farm was not what I thought I would be doing. I have determined that my life is not my own. That's means I go where He tells me to go. With that said trusting Him is beautiful. This place has been good for my heart and is just one more step in testing if my faith is genuine.

Just since May I have learned things I never knew. I didn't know about Chickens, or goats, or dogs or rabbit's. And while I am no expert now, I know much more than I did. My sweet friend took these pictures of us this summer shortly after we moved in and started this whole journey.

I believe whole heartally in hard work. It's good for the Spirit, mind, body, and soul. I also, believe in rest. It's a combo of the two that make a beautiful existence. Teaching my kids hard work is more hard work for me, haha, but the reward is great. If they are going to have pride let it be in a job well done, and worked hard for.

Our children, just like us, have strengths and weaknesses. One thing that Luke and I try to do is direct them both, the good and the not so good, in a positive foot forward. For example, if your child is super stubborn give them a task that is difficult for them to do, push them in it when they want to give up, and when they accomplish it watch them beam with excitement. Now they are taking all that stubbornness and instead of it being a curse to them it has now become a blessing to their life. They will start to direct all that energy into things that interest them and ect. to accomplish their dreams and aspirations.

Not that I have it all figured out by any means, these are just some of the motherhood tips that I have. Motherhood is an ever learning, ever growing job, that we all hope to figure out at some point.

Photo's By: Quilt and Color Photo 

This is not a portrait of us every day. Yes, every day we do barn chores but life has ebs and flows and every day is slightly different than the day before. On school days my amazing Haddie and Judah go down and do their barn chores alone before school.

Hope you enjoyed