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It Was Supposed to be Beautiful

I find myself wanting to throw out my dreams. Drop them on the side of the road and leave them there never to return. Is this really what going after dreams looks like...?
We want people to stand up and do the right things but we ourselves won't do it and when faced with it, it's just too hard.

Jesus came to do a very hard thing and look how they treated Him. The things the said about Him. If I was one of the prophets of the Old Testament laying on my side naked what would you say about me? Hannah cried out to the Lord for her womb to be opened up to have a child and Eli called her drunk.

We need to change the narrative not the objection. We still need to go after the dreams the Lord has said to go after. But what it looks like, well we've got that all wrong.

As Christians, as a society we go after the symptom not the root. We do it in the medical world, with guns, with child molestation, with abortion, with orphans, with foster care, with families, with learning etc... I …

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