Gia Belle Sky Stasi

Five years ago my life changed forever. I had already had so many life altering situations that I truly thought this one would kill me. As each trial came my way I found myself at a cross roads that in the end only ever left me with one choice. Do I go deeper into Him and who He calls me to be or do I fake it, quit, become bitter and hard, let all the demons have their way so that maybe they will leave me alone?

 These are just a few of the thoughts that we all have when faced with the truth of our pain and our reality. Will we walk by faith and not by site. Will we half ass it and half walk by faith and half by the wisdom of man so we don't look crazy, feel crazy?!

 Going through real suffering will mess with all your theology here in America. Will you still believe that He is good when its all said and done?

Five years ago right after my 4th baby was born, I got a call that would change my and my families life forever. I'm not going to write the whole story here and now in this space and time, I'm not ready, to be totally honest.

 But to celebrate and take a deep breath for a moment, that I am ready for. After 5 years I can finally say it it finished. When we started this journey I had no clue what it would end up looking like, I had no clue what the end would be or what the journey to get to this unknown would take. I had hopes for a different future, but was always willing to do what it took for what was best for the little one I called family and that I loved.

On November 7, 2018 after 5 years, many court dates, visitations, fears, tears, pain, giving till we broke, a five day trial, and a month of waiting on a verdict we got the news that sent me to my knees and all my fears floating up and away.

Gia Sky is now Gia Belle Sky Stasi

Yes, I know that I spelled adoption wrong on her board. Insert emoji with hand on face. In the screaming, crying, cheers and excitement I'm not sure what happened. lol. I guess she will be able to look back and make fun of me.

All I will say for now is that she is doing so much better and has a peace I had dreamed for her. We love our baby girl and we are so proud of all she has had to overcome already. 

Thank you to all who supported, prayed, and loved us through one of the hardest times in our lives. 



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