Stop all my planning and start trusting...

So I spend so much time and energy thinking and planning and trying to be ready for when it's time... Time for what you may say? Well that is the question isn't it... What the heck am I always trying to be ready for? I want to be ready to go when God says go, or to do, when God says do, and I want to be where He is... So it seems that I think being ready means here in the natural; my suitcase packed and ready to go... but where, oh where is my heart?? Heidi Baker once said that we have to be smaller in the head and bigger in the heart. My dad taught me that God cares about where your heart is in a situation not what you say, because Jesus wants your heart. The Bible says that where our heart is there we will be also, and I am NEVER where I am!! That is a problem!!
So it's time to get my heart one with the Lord, focused on Him, Listening to Him. Stop planning because it's the Lord that directs our paths anyway... right? And just walk in obedience all this planning has only lead to more heart ache and crying out and saying Lord what, oh what are you saying??
He is saying come and sit with me because I have all your plans worked out I tell you, you do it and it will all work out! WHEW...

"But seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness; and all these things will be added to you." (JESUS)
LORD once again here I am saying that I am sorry
then I smell the sweetness of your forgiveness
JESUS here I am once again giving my heart to you
then I can feel the brightness of your smile
I want you, and I know in my head that you want me more
So here's my heart ready to learn from you
learn what love really looks like
not what I think
learn how to be purely righteous
not like a pharisee
And most of all to be so in love with you that I feel your arms
that I know your voice
That I look at those you made in your image and died for with the same love and compassion
That I am where you are and where you want me to be


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