My heart/mind well what's in here????

So... wow there is a lot going on lately. When there is a lot going on it's really hard to focus your thoughts, well we all know that's hard for me any way, right? :).... We are trying to rent out our beautiful house to...??? That will come soon, very soon... any way yeah, so I have been cleaning, painting, taking care of a 17 month old, nursing a, almost, 5 month old, changing diapers, going through all that goes with getting things ready to rent.... etc. plus lots more oh and the spiritual attack too. I was going in circles going crazy trying to handle it all and maintain a good relationship with the Lord and my family... Finally yesterday Luke and I sat down and prayed together and cried out to the Lord! IT IS AMAZING how we forget to stop- and then call out to Him. Any way it made the World of a difference as you may already know.
our house has been a blessing from the Lord this past year. It is so beautiful here and we love it. The back porch and yard , all year round, are like a lil get away. Hadassah loves it... she goes out the back door, all by herself, and then out the screened door and plays with the cat in the back yard, it is so cute. Judah has come to love it too, he sits in his baby seat and dreams of the day he can play in the sand box too.

Also went to Good Will and got some cool treasures I will post pics soon.

I am grateful for the season that we got to live in our house it was a blessed time, and Gods grace for me to be pregnant with Judah when Haddie was only 4 months old. Thank you Lord for our house and the things that we have learned here.
You know I love being a wife and a mother, I dreamed of it... well, some may say from the day I was born... But I am soo glad that I am a solider of Jesus Christ and that my life, my husband, my children, my marriage, everything, can all be entrusted to Him if I just simply stay connected to Him. Because I can't handle the pressure on my own.
We must stay connected to the Vine no matter what. So we should take a vow that no matter what... we started our day wrong, our house is a, well, total disaster, dinner should be cooking, Lets face it something needs done! We will stop and organize the kids, my time, my plans, my whatever, and spend time with Him.
Even if it's just to give Him a huge hug, regroup, ask Him what's on His mind, and get His help on everything!!!
mmmm... now that.. sounds good!
bye ;)


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