My little blue eyed boy, my son...

This is my son Judah David Stasi. He is one of the most smiley babies I have ever seen. We call him Chubbo Bubbo. He is almost 5 months old and wears the same diaper size as Haddie and is over 17 lbs.... thus the name :) A son, at least in a mothers heart, holds a different place than a daughter... Not higher and not lower just different. The way that he looks at me and the way he snuggles is differant ( some of that is also personality). Judah was 1 pound less than Haddie so he seemed so much more tiny than she did. He had these tiny fingers and lil square man feet. When I was a little girl playing house I always pretended that I had a son, who would be my sweet lil boy, who loved his mommy so much and then would grow up and go out and hunt and bring home dinner. But what I did not know, and could not have known until I had a son, is that a son is a picture of what God gave up when he gave Jesus. Judah is my only son, my sweet baby boy that loves his mommy more than any one in the whole world.... How could I even think to give him up to just one person who has hurt me over and over again, who did not believe in me and always saw the worst in me ( no matter what I did), who murdered my other children, who made fun of them, and left them in the cold hungry and scared.... the list could go on of the things that I have done to the Lord....
I love his toothless smile, the way that he crabs my face just to pull me closer, and how no matter what my face looks like, no matter how my breath smells, or what I did or did not do, he still wants to be near me. That's just how the Father feels about us to... Thank you Jesus for my blue eyed boy
for the boy that shows me how you love me.
Give me the love and wisdom to raise him the way you would have me too.
When he looks at me with those baby blues my heart melts and I fall more in
love with him everyday, he looks just like his daddy and that makes him even more special to me.
When he looks at you he shows you want it feels like to be loved.
So if you are feeling down you should pick him up and smile at him and he will smile back at you.
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