December 28, 2009

So we moved, wow....

So we moved from our beautiful lil home in Fort Mill, that truth be told we were growing out of any way and fast ;) ha. We packed up that big yellow truck and our lil blue car with two babies and our cat and one fish, that did not make it BTW the fish, we think that the sound of the diesel truck shocked it beyond recovery, haha. We had so much anticipation and excitement in our hearts, we felt like, I am sure, explores feel when they are about to embark on an expedition that no one ever went on, mmm what a feeling. The sun was shinning and the lil portable TV's were playing in the back and my very manly man was in front, fearlessly leading the way, feeling like a real man in that big truck, lol. The kids were really good for a 14 hour drive, but it really did not seem that bad with a picnic lunch in the parking lot of a food lion in between our car and the big man truck, ha, and a stop at a couple of play places at Mickey D's and Burger King.I coould feel the cold wind starting to blow from the north but I welcomed it because it ment adventure and most of all starting to go after the flame that the Lord put in my heart so many years ago now, when I was a teenager. I have dreamed of living in a city and being among the people, knowing them, loving them and showing them Jesus with everything that I do. But a lil something that I forgot was that there is such thing as everyday living, adventure and going after the things that the Lord calls you to are not always easy, no way. For example India Jones, Transformers, Star Trek, Avatar... the list goes on watch the movies you will know what I mean. Also, John G. Lake, Catherine Colman, and Heidie and Rollin Baker. Just thinking about what they have all gone trough to get where they are, the people that they have loved, saved, and brought into the kingdom, tears are welling up. So I have to keep on keepen on because I have not gone through any thing that any one of those people have gone through. So to conclude this... on those days when I feel out of control, and I am sitting on the kitchen floor crying, and don't know how to do all the things that burn in my heart and still be a great mom, a loving wife, and clean, cook, do dishes, change diapers, and so on with all that just goes on in a normal day... on top of starting a business, and shouting Jesus is alive... I will keep trusting in the one that has lead me this far and never let me down, He will see me through. This may not be easy and there are days that I feel that I do not have the strength, but I guess I do not have to....

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