To Write

 I want to write...I have a million and one things going trough my mind to write about. The things that I learn everyday from being a mom, a wife,a lover of God, and a church planter.Also, from all the roles that I play in this life, a christian, a wife, a mom,a sister, a daughter, a business owner, a church planter, a friend, a maid, a slave, a princess, you know alllll the roles. Maybe I just want to talk, to do something that BIG people do, you know adults :)
Any ways to summarize... Be thankful no matter what! Being thankful is just all around better! You feel better about yourself and the people in your life. Your kids are cuter and a blessing and your husband is skinnier and sexier!! ( well maybe lol)
I am a mom most of the time and a wife but I am always a christian in every role that I am. So through the Lord I need to dive head first, all the way,into these things with a thankful heart... at least I am learning to do so :)


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