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I talked to another friend last night and she made a comment that I have been talking with my husband about for about a month now!
Love and we are willing to admit it or not that is what we ALL really want in our relationships. Sure there are more things that we want as well...BUT, and I mean a big BUT, these two things are key and make all the other things needed in a relationship, all relationships, blossom and thrive!!

For example,if you are a person that needs lots of one on one time. The time that you spend with the people in your life would be unfulfilling if they only spent time with you because they felt that they had to and it showed on their face and in their body language, that they were not enjoying their time with you.

Each of the people in our lives are different, each formed in their mothers womb by the living God,unique, in their own way.We cannot make a general way to love every person in our lives. I am talking about mothers, fathers,brothers,sisters, and close friends. Also there are times that we ask the Holy Spirit to help us to know just what a stranger needs, or even those that we may see often but do not have a close relationship with.

So I guess my point is that we may not know all the love languages and we may not know the love language of each person in our life,though I believe that we should put effort towards this, because we must treat others as we would want to be treated. But what we CAN do for sure is to put love and kindness towards every thing that we do for those that we know and say that we love. This again brings me back to the two main things that I keep coming back to...Love and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit produces in us kindness, and God is Love!

Also, in a past blog we talked about a wife telling her husband that he is strong, handsome, and a blessing to her(words of affirmation).This time I would like to encourage husbands to do something sweet and loving for his bride.Now ladies do not make this impossible and a loose loose situation for him! Guys know your lady, and ladies let yourself gently be known:) For example my husband put a ring tone on my phone last night that was a song that said I love you, then called me as I was laying down to go to bed...It can be as simple as that.

Now this does not only apply to married people...If you are a kid write a letter to your parents, let them know you are thankful for them:) Or do something to help them out or something you know that they would love or need. You can do the same for a friend or a brother or sister! Make someone feel special and loved,it's OK to spoil one another a little:)

Here is a Blog from the couple that I recently mentioned and gave the link to there blog fb site...this is a blog about unconditional love...
Check it out tell me what you think...

Have fun doing it


  1. You are very deep and very Blessed ! Please keep the wonderful insight coming! May Yeshua Bless your house forever!

  2. Thank you very much! I am very blessed :) I will keep writing as long as I can :)


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