Do any of us really know anything about this thing we call life? Some of us have to try harder than others because of the "cards" we are dealt. And some of us have to learn how to understand the other people and were they are coming from, because we don't have a grid as to where they are coming from.
What is compassion? Is it giving someone what they want because they have been hurt or because it will make them "feel" better? Is it a hug? Is compassion saying sorry for something that you did or maybe even apologizing for something that someone else did because it brings healing to a bleeding heart?
Being a parent is NOT the easiest thing in the world, nor is being a Christian. They both are up for some interpretation and yet have some absolutes. The thing is that each person is different and so the interpretation can be to:/ We each have our "filters" that we sift our understandings through before we make up our minds.
I don't understand how to understand what is just the right thing to do or not to do all the time, but I guess you don't either... The Bible says to put away all false hood and tell your neighbor the truth...but what if you can't handle the truth?
Fighting... is fighting always bad? I don't think so. I think that sometimes it keeps you the most honest. You know what? I am going to keep fighting, fighting that love wins. Some where along the way I got this thought and so did you that we had to be perfect but we don't! Jesus is the perfect one and we need to become one with Him!


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