Day 1

I have found that doing the things that we talked about in the last blog post, has helped me to feel good and full-filled in the "little" things that we must do in everyday life. Doing the endless chores of everyday life are the steps to the end result, not an endless black hole:) The Bible says that if we want to be leaders in the Kingdom of God that we must be like servants and that if we want to be great(leaders) we must be slaves! Because even Jesus came to serve and not to be served!!

A friend of mine wrote( among other great things that are rambling around in my head)
" The fear of human opinion disables, trusting in God protects you from that!(The Message
Bible Pr.29:25) in other words: Stop worrying about what PEOPLE think! The fault-finders
will always be there, just care about what God thinks( and He thinks your a Masterpiece:))" ----Tammy Higgins( a fellow mom)

How is your adventure going?? What have you found to be helpful and not to be helpful?


  1. I want you to know that you make me smile:) You are a lovely lady,with a beautiful heart! Thanks for quoting me well, sorta, I stole that from the Bible!lol but thats okay, right?!
    Jesus came to serve and not to be served. I love that. I need to be reminded of that sometimes. Is there some way to tattoo that on our brains?!Nope! Well, we'll have to let God imprint it on our hearts, and draw it out when we forget. Thanks for the reminder:) I love our Savior. Arent His ways so baffling?! Most kings want to be served, and the King of Kings came TO serve, how wonderful! oh, and I took some advice from your last blog and left my dishes in my sink all day! nighty night<3

  2. Thank you Tammy I am so encouraged by our new found friendship!!
    You are a great writer and I hope to quote you many, many more times:)
    Also I laughed out loud and told my husband about the dishes we both laughed :)
    <3 brit


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