Moms we are not alone!

Just had a great talk with a great friend! A fellow mother. Being a mom is a really hard job! It has it's rewards yet it is very, very hard. All of the heart,sweat, thoughts, emotions, concerns, worries, guilt, and fears even, that go into it can be over whelming!
In all of my conversations with all the mothers that I talk to I keep coming back to two key things...
2-Holy Spirit
These two things being used 1st together and then in separate things, yet still together :)
Moms you are not alone! We have each other and the Lord really does care! Remember that God uses His people! For whatever reason God in His wisdom has decided to use us, and in all of our imperfection!?

Today may be a really good day, you feel that you are being really kind to your kids and your husband. Probably because you feel that you are on top of alllll the things that you have to do. You got up on time, got the kids off to school or started school on time today and it is flowing like a beautiful river on a sunny day. You got your routine down and it is going swimmingly:)

But on the other hand today could be bad... you woke up late, so there goes your alone time or your time with the Lord, or your one shower time. The kids don't like the breakfast that you made so now you have to crack down and say, "Hey this is it so please eat it, or you are coming back to cold eggs later!!"And weather we want to admit it or not that adds stress to us moms and bums us out! Oh and there are those dishes again and we put the pressure on that they must be done by a certain time or we have FAILED as a wife today!

I have asked my husband and observed other couples and have come to this conclusion. Our husbands would rather have the dishes fall behind for a day (not a month or a week, but a few days) then have us, well unbearable to live with.
I am using the dishes as an example but I think that you all know what I am talking about!

So leave the dishes in the sink they will always be there! Leave the cracker crumbs on the floor:)Go and sit with your kids for a few minutes and love on them. Tell them that you love them, hug,kiss and hold them close! Read a book or play a game with them. Go kiss your husband tell him that you love him and need him and that he is a strong, handsome man that the Lord blessed you with! Then just sit there and talk to the Lord for a minute and thank Him for all that He has given you and you will feel the comfort and the love of the lord!

My great grandmother told me this advice recently, she said," Brittney love those kids! Play with them, because house work you will have till the day that you die, but those beautiful lil babies well, they will grow up and move away and you will miss them soooo much!!"

If you are reading this and you are a husband, dad, a son, a daughter ect. You can do the same!!Love covers a multitude of sins!! Being thankful brings a different perspective and a change of heart! You don't have to be perfect and that is not what your kids will remember or what will keep your marriage alive. Being there with love, grace, kindness, compassion, understanding, a listening hear and so on. That is what they will remember and what will keep you married with joy:)


  1. Brit,
    I couldn't have said it better myself. We, as wives and mothers give ourself a timeline of events each day and if our day doesn't go exactly as planned, then look out because there is going to be hell to pay. Most of the time this "hell" is taken out on our husband and our kids. Women work in a funny way and this is what my husband brought to my attention. Throughout a woman's whole life she begins planning. From the day a little girl can day dream with ideals society has suggested to her, she is planning. The planning in a woman is a good thing and God has made it, but sometimes we take it way overboard as women do with a lot of things. We are made to plan so that we can run our lives as well as our husband's and childrens' in some sort of state of sanity. Planning is good, but the selfish nature in a woman wants plans to go her way... all the time. This is the point where God wants us to abandon the idea of a I HAVE TO GET A,B,AND C DONE in order to live my life in a joyful manner. The fact is, and I know it may be suprising, but we actually don't. WOW! I was thinking more about what you said about the truth may be in the middle. This is not only true about certain topics, but can relate to this as well. In the middle there is balance. Where there is balance, there is fulfillment, where there is fulfillment there is life. If we find this balance through the Lord then we can actually live instead of working so hard each day to get prepared to live. I have found out that fulfilment also brings patients and in my life patients brings thankfulness and thankfulness brings love.

  2. Thank you Pogue KD that was beautiful! Very well said and even more words of wisdom that I want to feed on:)<3


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