One and Two: Update

Enjoy these photo's of one and two :)

He has to think about that kiss for a minute :)

Daddy and blanky love

My little boy blue :)

The boy loves to eat, be rough and wrestle, and snuggle his mama :)
All Boy.

She put her Mimi's oven mittens on :) She is funny too!

She loves to dance and sing just like her mama :)

These are some new Photo's of my two babes... as we love to call them :)
As some of you may know they were really, really sick last week and praise God they are doing so much better. We found a natural Doc.and he gave us some Homeopathic medication and they were better within a day!! Praise Jesus!
Hadassah is two and half now and 100% potty trained... Thank you Jesus :)
Judah is 18 months and talking more and more every day... so cute :)
Being a mom and a wife are two of the most important things I will ever do with my life Seconded only to having a faith in Jesus Christ :)
Love Brit


  1. Praise God you are back to life as normal. That was an unbelievable episode with parasites. I don't have much faith in doctors anymore, I know only one doctor to put all my faith in! I love the pics, it's good to see them, our beautiful grandchildren. We love you all..

  2. I'm glad the kids are back! And you too ! You have been missed! All -natural is the way to go for sure! Well I hope to talk soon! Love ya!


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