We went on a date...or two..

Luke and I got to go on two dates in a two week period... thanks to Luke's beautiful sister and some great and loving friends of ours:) The 1st one Luke took me out to eat and we got 50% off all our food... a $56 dollar meal for $28 dollars and we had a gift card!! whooohooo. He then took me to see Narnia... I know I'm a geek :)
The second date we went on, Luke scouted out a lil restaurant in down town Scranton. After we went to the coolest lil book/coffee/ art gallery store I had been to... Very creative! I scored a really cool old Bible...I love old Bibles :)
We also, stopped by one of our local thrift stores and found some treasures! We have been looking for a long time, for cowboy boots to fit Luke's size 11 foot and... we found some:) I needed a lamp for my living room and I found one that I love:)
It is so nice to go on dates with the man I love, it does my heart good! So either schedule a date or be a friend and watch some kiddo's, so a friend can go on a date!
This is def. one of the beautiful things about living in a community. We are learning to be there for each other! But you can't have a community if people don't reach out to each other. You must still have family time, this is key to a healthy family unit, but we need each other!
Reaching out and making friends gets harder and harder as we go on in life. I have found as a mom it is even harder! But we need each other, so let's take turns reaching out. Don't just assume that someone is out going, just say hi :)
I will be posting about the kiddo's soon I got some great things going on with one and two :)
Enjoy! Love Brit


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