Yeah Kids are a blessing!

So one and two are growing by the minute! Haddie is in her big girl toddler bed and learning to not pee the bed when she sleeps. Judah is talking in full sentences, saying just about any word you ask him to say, and learning not to climb out of his crib...

My beautiful princess has been very busy being fancy :) Like mother like daughter... is really true. For our photo biz Luke and I do a photo booth ( check out our blog) so we have all these really cool and funny props. Hadassah found one... We have been busy having tea party's and dancing. For Christmas my Nana made Haddie Girl a real Belle dress she wears it almost every day.
Soon she will be 3 years old! I remember the day she was born...her 1st birthday, and second! Wow time goes by so fast. Hadassah Life you are a blessing to me and I love you so much!

Proud tea party host...

Her long Princess, fake, nails.... hahaha make me laugh!

She will do things just to make you laugh...hahahha...

So, as you all know I love going to the Thrift store and finding cool stuff for a great price...I found a whole bunch of these lil boy ties for only .99 cents each... boy does Judah look so handsome :) He is getting bigger by the minute he is at that age where everyday is a huge leap of learning and growing. Soon he will be my two year old, not Haddie girl..weird! He acts more and more like a big boy every day, and he lets me know it! But he still loves his mama and her snuggles. He tells me like a hundred times a day,
" Mama, mama!"

"Yes Judah?"
" I love you, mama!"
"I love you too bubbo!" mmm melt my heart!

Yeah, this is my son Judah, so handsome...a blessing from the living God!!


Could they be any more perfect? The Bible says that children are a blessing from the Lord and that many of them are like having a full quiver ( arrows in your back pack!) I am so blessed to have them. The truth is that they push me to be a better person by making my life harder, by causing me to have to be more accountable and responsible. They help to build my character. They bless me in many ways but a huge way is their love. Children will show you a love you did not know someone could give. They love you no matter what you smell like, look like, where you are going, or have come from. Investing in a child will never be a waste of time. There are so many children in the world and the U.S. that need love and time that you can give!!

Be blessed!

Embrace The Camera Here

Judah hangen out on my back while I cook dinner! haha


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