Shout Out Tuesday...

 Last week was my first shout out and I thought that I would make it a weekly from here on out let's make it shout out Tuesdays!! 

 All of my brothers and sisters are unique, different in a great way. Each one teaches me a different thing based solely on how God made them! I like it that way, I love them just the way they are!! Our children do the same! I love that they are all different, like putting a quarter in a machine and seeing what you will get :) Thank you to each of you for your love and for making my life so much better!!

These are some of my awesome brothers and sisters... They mean the world to me! I am the oldest and that is a big responsibility, that I take seriously! I have made more mistakes than should be legally aloud, yet they keep on loving me like I never did any thing wrong. They love me with a love that I can only dream of being able to give back, in even a small measure! 

Jacob Paul... This big little Brother of mine is a very special guy. We are 8 years apart and when we were young, like most siblings, we fought a lot, but.. loved each other. We were just in different places I guess :)...Now we well I guess, we understand each other a lil better. He is very sweet and smart. He has a huge imagination and reminds me of how Luke probably was at Jay's age :) I can't imagine my life without him he holds a part of my heart that only he can!

 Meet Grace Elizabeth... My beautiful sister :) Grace is one of those people that you meet and never forget. Not because she is loud and in your face, like me, but b/c she is kind even with her smile.She has a sweetness that is true! I want to be like her when I grow up! We are 10 years apart but that does not keep us from having a deep love for one another and being able to find things that we have in common. She teaches me a lot just by being her!

Noah James... This handsome guy is one of my lil brothers also. He loves to play the drums and he loves knifes...typical boy :) Every time I come home to visit he plays with me and the kids the whole time and helps me out a lot! He is one of the most energetic people I know and one of the funniest too :) He is so much fun and makes me laugh... love it! Now that he has texting on his phone he always says hi to me :) When he was a lil boy and I would get my nails done he would always tell me how beautiful I look. I taught him a lot of sign language when he was younger and he and I would sign together. We called him the elephant (memory) b/c he has the best memory :) Love you so much Buddy!

Ruth Mercy... Ruthie aka roro...when she was little we gave her this nick name b/c she loved dogs and was always saying roro roro. This sweet beautiful girl is an amazing helper, she has cleaned my house from top to bottom and changed tons of diapers for me :) That is just how I was when I was her age, well with the babies anyway :) We, like the rest of my siblings, have our own special relationship! I can not picture my life with out all the enrichment that I have received from Ruthie alone!

Patience Marie... My boo :) Me and Pati have always had a special bond since she was born. It's like we have an understanding of each other or something :) When I come home to visit all she wants to do is sit next to me and snuggle. She like Ruthie loves to help me change diapers...more power to you :) thank you girls :) She is sweet as pie unless you make her mad, but I guess we are all like that :) She has always loved me with a huge, big love and I need that...remember I am a needy person :) Thank you boo
Love you so much!
Elijah Stephen... Is he not the cutest boy you have ever seen? He is such a lover to! He is smart, smarter than me but that's not hard to beat :) He loves to learn, snuggle, and of course wrestle. Now that I am getting old I always feel bad b/c he wants me to wrestle with him, I am like...ohhh I dunno...But that is why I got married b/c Luke loves to! lol We are 18 years! Love this boy, just want to eat him up. He just turned 8 this week and when I asked him if he felt older now that he was 8, this is what he told me..." I woke up this morning and was like wow, I am 8, wow!" To cute!
Love you lijah, love you so much buddy!!

Benjamin Mark...This little guy is only a year older than Hadassah. He was born on my 22 birthday February 17th :) He is my birthday buddy :) Yeah my dad had his 1st child and last child on the same day, 22 years apart! For Christmas he got Luke all these cool toys...all the things that he would love. Ben was so excited to give it all to was adorable! My parents said that when Ben was at  the store he could hardly carry all the things that he wanted to get Luke :) Sweet boy and fun! Love you buddy!

So this post is late because of a family emergency... Please pray for my uncle Darin, he has a mass on his brain and needs a miracle. Please pray!
These are only some of my brothers and sisters...yeah I got more...that will be a different day!
Thanks for your support have a great week!


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