Shout Out!

This is a Shout out to a few important people who helped me to become the woman that I am. This is not all the people who have been influences, in good ways, in my life but some. The truth is that we don't make our own choices in the beginning of our lives.Some where as we get older we start making the choices that shape our own lives. But along the way we have people that have helped us to think the the way that we do and have the confidence in ourselves to go on and become something in life.These are a few of those people in mine...

This is the man that on a daily basis holds me, loves me, and cares for me... He along with Jesus helps to hold me up :)My awesome husband that I love so much!

Daddy and Mama.j. Two of the biggest influences in my life.
Mama.j. took the time as a young mom to homeschool me and love me. Thank you for teaching me to read when no one else could :)
My dad has always been there for me...I am a needy person and you have always been there thank you:) LOVE you both!
Thank you for the best part of my life, Jesus, you told me about Him and then helped me to have a personal relationship with Him.

This handsome man is my Step dad Rodney. From the time that I was an infant till about 10 years old he helped to raise me :) He is still daddy. He loved me, put up with me,taught me,rewarded me for doing good, and discipled me when I did wrong. Thank you for all your love and care, you will always have a special place in my heart!

This fun, beautiful lady is my mama. She gave birth to me and has loved me ever since. She is a strong loving person who has taught me a lot about life. She is always there to help me with no strings attached and no guilt. Thank you mama for all you do, for always being real, and how much you love and believe in me!!

This is my beautiful best friend Kayla King. She has been my best friend since high school. Since then we have gone through our ups and downs, but always together. We are now both mom's of one girl and one boy :) I love you gigi thank you for your friendship!


  1. I love you Brittney Lynn. You have grown into an amazing young Woman, Wife, and Mother. Thank you for allowing me to always be a part of your life and journey. Always be Blessed! Your Aunt Tammi.

  2. Thank you Aunt Tam I love you so much and could not image life with out you!!


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