Thrift me Baby!!

I know that I have talked about thrifting before. Today  I thought maybe I would inspire you to do so, if you don't already.True sometimes the things at thrift stores are no good.But if you keep looking and don't give up you will find something. Reason's thrifting is good...
1. You are recycling.
2. You save money.
3. It is fun :)

 Cute Owl overals for my lil dude :)
They still had the tags on them, never worn before...$4.99. ( it came with a shirt to!)
 A really cool old Bible and a sweet 70's Lamp...
$4.00 for the Lamp
The Bible was not a thrift, but it was from a really need coffee/book store that I love to help Keep in business. $3.00
Cowboy Boots for Luke...
$7.00 for real leather and size 11!

 This is one of 6 ties that I found for my Handsome man :)
$.99 cents each
 Cutest, match every thing shoes for lil guy.
 A beautiful  little house on the prairie,corduroy, dress for my Princess and the cutest moccasins.
Dress $2.00
Shoes $4.00
 Cowboy Boots to match mommy and Daddy, for my blue eyed boy.
$3.99 wow
 A beautiful simple hand made "looking" center piece.
A brown chair with no sides great for small spaces or kids :)
My favorite chair! A vintage chair that is in great shape and I sit in it every day :)

 My real leather, lower, black, Cowboy Boots and Moccasins.
Cowboy Boots $10.00
Moccasins $.50
 Swade Cowboy Boots (Like new)
Red Cowboy Boots and Brown with Bead design.
Red $2.00
brown $5.00

Ok last but not lease... A lil photo tip :)
In this photo I have no make up on and my skin looks clean and fresh with no bags under my eye's.
This is why... I opened up my curtains on a bright sunny day, put the back of my computer to the window with my face towards the light. You want to be far enough away that your picture is not blown out, but you have enough light to hide all the rest. Chin up, but not to high. Try it and tell me how it works out :)
Thanks for stoppen bye :)


  1. This reminds me how you don't need any more shoes... ;-)

  2. that's a lot of boots! Are you moving to a farm or something?

  3. You forgot the cute rain boots you got when we were there! Mom and Dad S.

  4. Nice finds Brit. I, too am a Thrift buyer. I LOVE to go into every Thrift store I come across. I've found Roper boots (brand new) $6.00, Hiking boots nearly brand new $7.99, and a pair of Lucky jeans (Oh MY) $6.00. Yowsa!!! I have been Thrift store buying for years. I used to go with Grammy, we would always have a blast!!! Love ya and Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Aunt Tam Awesome!!!
    I know Laurie I thought the same thing:/
    Amanda lol hahahahaha


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