My wish list...

I would feel like a pregnant Goddess in these beautiful new clothes....mmmm
I find that when I am pregnant it is more important to me than any other times to "look like, what I want to look like"...if that makes sense?? But this only seems to be in the beginning then my hugeness kicks in and the only thing I care about besides getting all the babies stuff together, is labor! But I am not there yet, so shop away??!
But in the mist of all this we are moving so this may put a cramp in my style lol
I have also found a bedding that I would love to have for this baby... but I have a feelin I may have to give him hand-me-downs. Witch with every thing else I don't care and I will, but I may need convincing for this bedding thing :)

I just love this whole room! It looks so peaceful....

All of these clothes and accessory's are from this great website
 that I found from this blog


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