Packing, again!

Since I was little I have moved a lot! Truth is it never really bothered me. I guess you could say it prepared me to be a missionary. Since Luke and I have been married (4 years now :)) we have moved 5 times making this move # 6! 
But now that I am pregnant and we have two lil ones and our own business that we have to relocate, whew! 
The kids are excited about the move but cannot understand the time frame or what is going on when I am packing every thing.

Movers best friend!

I know that it is all going to work out, but man it can all be over whelming! Each hardship in life teaches us the things we need to know for all the rest of life. It builds our character and makes us who we are.
Me in all my packing glory...haha

5months 18 weeks :)
I find out on tuesday if the baby is a boy or girl...
I think he's a boy :) We'll see...
Also, one more thing, leave a comment if you like my new blog layout :) Thanks!


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