All moved in and getting Settled...

Days Before the big move back to SC from Scranton, PA. I had to keep laying down my feet were turning into balloons. Of course you can't see it in the picture but Levi is going crazy doing his karate moves lol
Embrace the Camera Here

My beautiful babe sleeping with me in an empty room with only our mattress on the floor. Beauty!

Paul and Laurie, Luke's Mom and Dad, laying the new floors in our house. The people that were renting from us ruined the floors in the whole house. So while the 26 foot Penske truck sat in the drive way they laid the floors for us. They went a few days before we got there and started the cleaning and ripped all the carpet up! They saved our butts! Thank you and we love you!

My beautiful babes in the closet in our room watching TV on the computer while we lay floors and unload the truck. They did so good!

Adam and Luke taking down wall paper. Adam was a HUGE help! We got so much done because he came to help us move in! Thank you Adam!

The truck was loaded to the top all the way to the end!!

Haddie helping Grandad put her big girl bed together.

Of course Judah has to help to! Sooo cute how he loves tools, 100% boy :)

Shoes I found for Levi while we took a break and went to a thrift store lol
Judah and daddy driving the Big Truck

He thought it was the coolest thing ever. I could just kiss that face off, soooo cute!!
In our house in SC on air mattress before the truck was unloaded. We had family sleep party :)

We took a lil break and took the kids on the train to up town
So we are all moved in now and unpacking. 3 months to get ready for baby Levi :)
Thank you to everyone for your help and prayers! We are happy to be home. Also, if you could please pray that our beloved cat Chewy comes home she has been missing since the night we got there :(


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