A little bit of summer 2011

This is when I was 6 months. We took the picture in Erie, PA @ a photo shoot. I forgot that we had it :)
Before I died my hair at a wedding with my camera around my neck :)
This is when we cut off all bubs curls :(
 Haddie did her make up with Chalk 
 Bubbo got war paint with the chalk lol

We went to MI for a day, with Luke's side of the family for a  family Pig roast. This is at the pool of the Hotel.

We also went to VA with my family for a lodge cabin vacation for a week.

 Luke jumping off the diving board.

 Nana's B-day :)
 Nana made party Hats out of newspaper 

 A lil dance party lol

And of course lots and lots of photo shoots 


  1. These are gorgeous Britt. I love the depth of Beauty and Love.

  2. This is so sweet! What great times we enjoy as family even though we live so apart. I love and miss you so much!

  3. Never saw that first pic , its beautiful!!!! But when are you not? ;0)


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