9 Months; Last stretch!

So I am in the last month with #3! I am getting so so excited and yet I  have felt the most patient with this pregnancy, so far. This has been a really busy year and a really busy 9 months. So when he comes is good and I am OK with waiting. I feel that this shows me growing up a lil, but only a lil. This coming up week we have back to back weddings in the hills of PA! Pray that I do NOT go into labor :) Truth is I am really done being pregnant but I really want to have him in November. Every one says I look great and to a 9 month pregnant lady that is great to hear:) But I still have a big baby inside of my body lol. But I know that I am blessed to feel these uncomfortable things and that they are really a blessing. Hmmm... maybe there is a life lesson in that... Tho things may be uncomfortable and even painful, irritating, and not yourself, they are a beautiful blessing from the Lord! Being a mother teaches me so much and I am truly thankful that Jesus has blessed me with all the life lessons that come along with parenting :) It has been really fun sharing this journey with everyone and I hope that it has blessed you all in some way! Not that it is over, no it has just begun :)

Open Vision Photo

Thank you Luke for these great pictures :) Can't wait to see the WHOLE shoot on the OVP blog :) Love you!


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