Before and After projects

Luke got this for $15. I got flat green paint to make it look more vintage :) I love how it turned out.

I got these chairs off of craigslist for $20 and I painted them and recovered them.

This cute lil dresser was given to me and I turned it into a coffee/tea dresser. 

I needed more room for my jewelry because of being in a small space. I knew I needed to use my wall space. So I took a spare piece of wood that we had painted it with left over paint and put nails in it...Now I have lots more room :) 

That's all I have for now :) I feel like the house is finally ready for baby Levi to come. Being in a small space can be challenging but I have really enjoyed it so far. Getting rid of stuff we really don't need and like wise not buying more stuff we really don't need. It has been fun looking for cute decorating, storage ideas. Makes you get creative :) I like it! I made Levi's blanket and recovered his rocking chair WITH the help of my Nana :) Bless you all and thank you so much for checking out my blog. The Lord bless you and keep you may his face shine on you! Remember Jesus is faithful even when we are not! His love will cover you, His grace will get you through it. Always be thankful no matter what it will help your heart to stay soft and to keep your sanity :)


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