Fall decorating ideas you can do with what you have! Fun!

These are all such cute idea's for fall and your thanksgiving dinner table, that you can do with what you have! Yours does not have to look just like these just use them for inspiration :) Last year I used pomegranate cut up and put in the bottom of a clear glass vase with a lil water. I got lil gourd pumpkins and cut out the top and put flowers in them. It turned out really cute, cheap and I had fun doing it :)

I also painted everyone's letter on a lil pumpkin for thanksgiving dinner. As a mom it is nice to take time and do these lil things it's fun, BUT not if it becomes a chore! Don't feel like you are less than if you don't get around  to doing all this extra stuff. Just have fun with it!! Adding beauty to your surroundings makes life seem a lil pit richer :) Have fun!!
 Happy Fall!
P.S. I get to have my fall baby soon :) I told Haddie and Judah they will know it's time for baby Levi when all the leafs have changed color. So now both kids are noticing how all the world is changing and how excited they are b/c it's getting soo close :)


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