Large and in Charge!!

Well, I am full term now 38 weeks :) We are so excited about #3! I had my home visit with Jordan my awesome Midwife and every thing is good and ready to go for a great home birth! I ordered and washed the cloth for my G-diapers and I also have the biodegradable inserts. I am really excited about the whole cloth diaper thing. I think now that I am having #3 and doing this, it's much more doable .. Ha. We will see :0) I can't wait to see his face :) 


  1. You are too cute , as usual! And WE can't wait to see this cutie either! I wish you could video your birth , or take A LOT of really good pics of the process. I think it would be wonderful to share , for those of us who can't be with you physically, we would be able to see things that you guys went through and share the memories with you! :0) COME ON BABY LEVI!!!!!!

  2. Well we will be, of course, taking lots of video and pictures...And the ones that I can I will be sharing!!


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