Made a head board for my bed :)

Some great friends of ours Michael and Amanda Elk gave us their queen size frame about 3 years ago. Joann Fabric's was having a big fabric sale so... I got the idea from some a  HGTV show or a BHG magazine, to make our own head board to go on the frame that we had. Luke and I spent about 2 hours picking out the fabric and our kids were troopers :) 
We had some left over wood from something else that we had made. We measured the frame and then decided how much bigger that we wanted it and measured that. Next we designed how we wanted the head board to look, aka the fabric, which determines how many different kinds of fabric you need and how much of each.  We got the fabric cut according to the measurements. Also, the ladies helped us figure it out at Joann's they are very helpful. 

This was how we decided our design in the store on a sticky note.

Then we picked the 1st 3 smaller fabrics that we liked. We put them next to each other and put some back and got new ones down. These were our final choices. Then we picked the fabric for the bigger piece. We then got padding to go between the fabric and the board. 
Then, I with my great sewing machine, took the 1st two pieces sewed them together and then the next one to that and so on till they were one piece. I forgot to take a pic of this part :( Sorry.
Here is the step by step process of how we made it. (Sorry all the pics were taken with my phone :) )

 Luke measures for the bolts.
To cute 
 Then he drilled the holes in the old head board frame.
Next, Luke drilled the holes in the wood and put the bolts in.
I then took my staple gun and stapled the padding to the board.

Now I put the fabric on with my staple gun. Luke helped me to pull it super tight as I stapled. 

The corners are important, so take your time and use lots of staples :) It should look something like this in the back. You learn how to do this by just doing it :) You can always pull the staples out and try again. Just be careful when pulling them out. Remember to leave extra fabric on the edges when measuring. I don't cut the extra off till I am done with my project, especially on a project I have never done before.

Now we slowly put the head board onto the frame. Be careful that the bolts don't come and poke through your fabric.

 The final product! 

This was a lot cheaper than buying a brand new bed and we had fun making it and picking it all out :) And we did lots of recycling.
Thanks honey for doing it with me!
Well still waiting for # 3 to come. Sleep is getting less and less so I know that means soon :) My mom will be here on Wednesday so I guess waiting till then is good any way :) Patiently waiting!



  1. Great to see it getting re-purposed! much cooler than before, lol! You really have obscene amounts of energy, my dear!

  2. i heart diy anything..this looks fab. you should pin this and share it with ze world:)

  3. Thank you Mrs. Hawk :) Me to! And thanks for the idea and for following. :)


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