Diary of a mad pregnant lady!

So I cleaned the house like crazy. Finished up all the work stuff I had to do and all my baby projects I had on my list. Did all the laundry. My mom came to be here early and ready, she cooked and cleaned as well. My original due date, when I was 2 weeks pregnant, was Nov. 5th. When I had my ultra sound done she said the 1st. So of course I started going by that date, the 1st. No big deal, right? It was only like a 4 day difference...Yeah right! So we walked and bounced and ate and hiked and all that good stuff to motivate a sweet lil baby to come and see his mommy and family that are super excited to see his sweet face and kiss it. The stress of moving and traveling months ago had made us all think that he would come early or at least right on time. I almost had to go on bed rest. But then everything just STOPPED....
Day after day went by then on Sunday morn my mom had to go back home and still no baby Levi. Now you may be thinking come on it's only been 7 days since the 1st and that's your own fault for thinking that was your due date and not the 5th. Your right. that's true. None-the-less I have been pregnant for 9 months I want to see my baby and NOT be pregnant. I am looosing my mind ahhh. At one point today my 3 year old was saying, "Honey just calm down, baby's take a long time to come out, honey." haha
I have like no clothes that will fit lol Judah keeps saying " Mommy your belly so big!" lol
I know he will come and that I need to trust the Lord...But I really want to have him lol
We went to the thrift store and ate some spicy Chinese. That helped me to get my mind off not having him yet, a little :) Now I am going to watch the Eagles vs. Bears game. Usually these are my two fav. teams but tonight me and my husband will be against eachother as we root for opposite teams :)
Go Eagles and common Levi!!

Nov. 7th


  1. You poor thing. Judging by the picture i'd say you are fairly uncomfortable to say the least. Just rest easy . The minute you stop being restless and have your mind calm he'll just move right out. You'll see . The Lords hand is on this . He is watching over His newest creation and is perfecting him to the very last degree. Levi is destined to be used by God in a powerful way. He will be an example to many miraculous works of the Lord Jehovah. You wil see . The miracles Jehovah will do through Levi will reach hundreds of thousands. ;0) so rest at ease while he spends a free extra days being perfected by his creator! ;0)

  2. Come on Baby Levi! :) Mommy, you're in our thoughts and we're sending lots of positive energy down to you and baby (and the whole family). Maybe he wants to be an ultra-cool 11-11-11 guy?? (Although, for your sake - hopefully an ultra-cool 11-8-11 guy ;c) )


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