Cristmas Wreath: DIY

Hi! Hope your Christmas season is going well so far :) I wanted to share my wreath that I made and tell you how easy it was so you could feel inspired to do the same. I love making things and doing small crafts, makes me feel sane :) But as a mom I try and keep them small and short, so that it does not become a burden.
 Side note, my sweet little Haddie girl is sitting on my lap "holding" me as I write this. What a blessing!

 All I did was take the clippings from our real tree and place them in a some what circle on the floor.
 I took some green floral tape and just started taping the piece's together. It kinda got crazy for a minute there and did not look much like a circle but I just kept going, ha.
 I think that's how it got so big so watch out for that. 
Another side note; now I have sweet little Levi, my little pooh bear grunting away on my lap. So thankful for sweet moments! 

 Next, I took pieces of red ribbon and started tieing my loose pieces up really tight with the ribbon.
 Then I took the ornaments that I bought on major sale after Christmas last year, and placed them where I wanted them. 
I took another piece of ribbon and hung it on my door.
 BAM! There you go messy, not perfect, fun and easy, and it smells great! :)
Have a great and wonderful Christmas May Jesus Bless you and yours :) Being thankful is the key that I keep coming back to. Hope that helps :) Bless you!


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