Levi's Birth Story 11-9-11

My contractions started @ about 1am but were far apart. At 5 am we called Luke's mom in Jacksonville and told her to come that we thought he was coming. I was able to have a contraction and then go back to sleep. I knew that it was the real deal because of how intense they were and they were not stopping. I was able to sleep until 8:30am, thanks to Luke :) 
We finished getting the house ready and everything that we needed for the birth. As we worked, the contraction got stronger but not closer. Luke's mom got to the house @ 11am. We went to the store and while we were there they got closer and soo strong. I kept stopping and holding on to the shelves to get through them.We got home and put music on and opened all the doors and windows. In between the contractions I was fine, I was talking and smiling, during... they hurt. That was good because I knew they were doing something! When Jordan, my midwife, got to the house @ 3:30 I thought maybe I would be like 4 or 5 cm but I was 7 and going fast. Truth is I would not have even called her yet that's how good it all was going, but Luke was timing the contractions and said, "We need to call her!" The contractions were getting stronger and closer.
 Laboring at home with worship music and my kids playing around me was so peaceful. Outside it was a beautiful warm SC fall day. Being in my room with my family and Jordan who I trust and love was just right, and natural, that is the only way I can really put it. 
I was able to reach down and feel my baby's head this gave me the last bit of excitement to do the final push. Wow! What an amazing birth. I thought that Hadassah and Judah's births were good but this was GREAT! It was beautiful and was so great for my heart!
Thank you to everyone who helped! Love you and you were the best support team a girl could ask for!

They just woke up from their nap.

Put some music on and update facebook :)

My sweet helper, she did so good :)

Wow Look at that belly!! 

Thank you Hunny for letting me choke you!

This moment! Oh this moment!

Levi, Jesus gave me a dream of you before I was even pregnant with you. In the dream I was at home, there was peace in the room that only Jesus could bring. You came out fast and when I pulled you up on my chest I saw that you were a boy with dark hair. So when I told daddy he said we should name you Levi, I knew it was perfect. This year was a hard year and having you has brought so much joy to our family. Each of us loves you and you have captured our hearts! 
Love you baby,
Love mama


  1. This was so beautiful!!! It made me cry! Thank you for sharing!!

  2. That was wonderful! Sorry I missed it! Who looks that good while birthing a baby? Only my baby! I love you all so much!

  3. My turns next, you make it look too easy, I hope I can do the same this time around!!

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! looooooooooovvveee!!!!! SOOOOOO happy for you beautiful! i love this story! you are amazing!!!

  5. Casey I am sure that you will do GREAT! ;0)


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