Making Christmas Presents

This year was the 1st year that I had the kids make Christmas presents. We had a lot of fun on our back porch :) They were so proud of themselves that they were making gifts for their family.

We have lots of family.

They even decorated the bags that they put their gifts  in. Hadassah painted her bags and Judah put space stickers on his.

My little guy even come out with us and enjoyed the fun.

I am still learning this mom thing but I sure do love it. Letting them make gifts for their family taught them a lot of good things. It was one more mess for me to clean up and one more thing on my list of things to do... But in the end a great memory.
Have a wonderful season with all your Christmas fun!


  1. yay for homemade christmas gifts! i did a lot of homemades this year. burlap baggies of christmas candy, jars of hot chocolate mix. seems these gifts have so much more thought and love behind them.


    1. Nicole I know just what you mean! I try and make something homemade every year it is so much more special :) bless you!


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