5 years

     Five years ago today Luke got down on one knee, @ the lake where we would later get married, with candles all around him, minus one spot for me to come in. In a black tux with two long tails, ring in one hand and a bouquet of red roses in the other.
     He called me and asked me to meet him down by the lake, the spot where we had had our first kiss. As I crested the hill I could only see the circle of candles. I knew that he was in the middle on one knee; I had known that it was coming and would be in January from a dream the Lord had given me before I had even met Luke. Then the Lord had spoken to Luke that it would be in January . My dad had given his blessing and we knew it was right. None-the-less my heart skipped a beat. I felt nervous, excited, scared, happy, and unworthy all at the same time.

     He asked, I said yes, and I would never do any thing else! I say yes again and again every day. Truth is he makes it easy for me. 

     Luke and I did not deserve the love that we have for one another, or these beautiful children, or this life that we have together! It was a gift from a Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave His life and every good thing that we have.

Luke, you are my true one love
you are my sunshine when life is grey
you never forget to love me and in return teach me so much
my life was hard all the years with out,  thank you for showing up
thank you for all the laughter and joy you have given me
thank you for my babies, the proof that we are one
I thought that I would never know love, not a love like this
I remember the first dance, the first glance
I would walk down that aisle all over again to your loving arms
to your loving care, I trust you and that's hard for me to do 
some how you stuck in there when all others before you had throne in the towel
I love you Luke Stasi with all that I am
You are and will always be my greatest gift from a loving redeemer
love your wife

Thank you to all our family and true friends who have loved us, helped us, and been there for us in these past 5 years. You make our life happy :)



  1. I love you so much. Thank you for sharing life with me.

  2. Awe brit I am sk happy for you and luke. What a beautiful life you have made together and im so thankful the lord has given u such a loving amazing husband u deserve all the wonderful things you are blessed with! You guys have a unbreakable beautiful thing I love you so so much!!

  3. I love u guys . . . .Sooooo special, . What a lucky nana i am . . . .to have such a wonderful family. . . .U guys r my joy. . . Kisses

  4. I love u guys . . . .Sooooo special, . What a lucky nana i am . . . .to have such a wonderful family. . . .U guys r my joy. . . Kisses

  5. Love you to Nana sooo much and thank you! You make us happy and we are blessed to have you!

  6. Replies
    1. Lora thank you so much!! I am truly blessed! :)


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