Big Granny January 14, 2012

     This morning around 6am my Great Grandmother aka Big Granny went to be with Jesus. This fact in it's self is a great testimony of the saving blood of Jesus. My Granny was and is very dear to me, we have always been close. I always felt like she saw me, the me I wanted to be. This said my Granny could also be a hard women to love. She had a mean side to her. Don't we all I guess... But despite these very mean things she could do and say I know that she loved us all. And like the rest of us I think had her own regrets, sorrows, fears, imperfections, and insecurities. 

     This teaches me something. I to need to be careful that my own failures, fears, and insecurities do not affect the way that I treat those I love the most. For whatever reason Granny always saw a side of me that I could not even see, a good side, a side that I longed to be true about myself ; she believed that it was true always true. For this I am very thankful. It has been good to have someone like my Granny in my life to believe in me. She always told me to trust Jesus and it would all work out, and she was right. 

     This past year I also lost my uncle. He was 34 years old, to brain cancer. Death is a hard thing to understand for those of us left here on earth. Loosing my uncle was harder in many ways than my Grannies death, because he was much younger. I am thankful that my Granny got to see all three of my babies.

     My mom my Nana and my uncle were there with her when she died. Mama said it was peaceful and with her family. Wish I could be there. Although I would just be crying probably so I would not be much good. It was her time and I think that she was happy to go in many ways. It's funny you can know it's coming but it still hurts...Levi was born exactly one month before Grannies Birthday. So she was 86 years older.

     She gets to see Jesus now and maybe my uncle Darin too. Her son also, my uncle. I am sure, no I know with out a doubt that getting to be face to face with Jesus is wayyyyyyy better than being in bed sick!

Love you Granny see you when it's my time!

Martha Slone Dec.9, 1926- January 14, 2012
She had 3 children
3 grandchildren
9 great grandchildren
3 great great grandchildren 

 Love this one of her ^

5 generations Granny, Nana, Mom, Me, and Haddie.

Thank you for your love and care
Thank you for my Nana
Thank you for believing in me and always seeing the best
Love you very much and will miss you till I see you again
You loved to sing, I loved to hear it
You told me to clean later and love my babies now
A lesson I know you did not learn till yours were gone
I will try my best to make my life one that you will always be proud of
Thank you for every failure and success 
I loved you for both
Love you Granny and miss you so very much


  1. Brittney she always was proud of you and brag on you often and she would of been happy about this tribute you have given her...

  2. This is a great tribute to Martha, she was a dear friend to me & a great inspiration. We had a lot of conversations about her family & how proud she was & how much she loved u all! I'm really going to miss her & her encouragement she always used to give me! God Bless, Denise Chaffins

  3. I, too had the joy of meeting with Big Granny so many times. She is an amazing woman with such an amazing family. And now she is an amazing Angel with Jesus.

    You are such a Beautiful person. If I had married at your age and had such a beautiful family, it would be exactly like yours. I'm living through you to experience the Love you have from your Husband, the passion you have being a wife, and the overwhelming joy you receive from your babies. I love you so much and know that Big Granny gave you courage to be who you are and NEVER stop being you Brittney.

    So Many Blessings,
    Aunt Tam


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