Christmas 2011 Told In Pictures: Part One

I had a great Christmas this year. My hormones were going crazy and I was soo sleep deprived that I was a word, emotional. So...we left a lil early and went to my mom's house. I got to make cookies with my family and snuggle. I also got a break and some sleep!! Then a few days before Christmas My best friend and her two kiddo's came out to my Nana's. It was a blessing!

Christmas Morning...

 This is the essence of Judah...oh brother!

 My love
 B A M... My brother and sister. Brittney Andrew and Mallory aka BAM

The Vaughn Family. Yes there is 8 of us. Funny to me this looks like a small group, I counted everyone because I thought it looked small. lol

From our little crazy family to yours :) 


  1. This was a beautiful, wonderful Christmas. I love you all so much!

  2. Love it! And i too counted the Vaughns , it just didnt look like all of them! Lol


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