Christmas 2011 Told In Pictures: Part Two

Please forgive any red eye :/ When you are going from place to place, traveling with 3 kids... Perfection does not really happen all the time lol

 We left Ohio the day after Christmas and drove to KY to see My dad, step mom, and all my beautiful brother's and sister's.

Then we went home for a day unpacked, repacked and went to FL to see Luke's side of the family.

We made a cake for Jesus' Birthday 

Happy New Year!!

 We were trying to spell Jesus...Can you see it? It's backwards

Luke's self portrait 

That was a fun day :)
Then I got to see a side of my family that I never get to see, but loveeee so much :) 
It was a joyous reunion!  

I thought this was so funny :) Grammy looks so pretty and Levi looks crazy lol

I love this picture and how it turned out...
Sorry this took so long :) Hope you enjoyed thank for stopping by.


  1. These really made me smile inside and out. You two truly captured some true Love from Family. But I just have to ask, wasn't your Aunt Tam and Uncle Rick there?????? I thought you said they were there as well, just sayin'.

    We do love you very much and wish we all lived much closer. :)

  2. I know I noticed that when I started going through the pictures I did not have any of you guys?! :/ Sorry :(


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