So a while back we adopted a lil kitten from the York County Animal Shelter. It was so great our 1st adoption! Our beautiful cat Chewy ran away when we moved back to SC. It was very sad for our family. So we wanted to get another, well me and the kids did. :) 
     We went to the shelter and picked her up. She was in need of a loving home bad! Our family, even Luke, have had so much joy from getting her. We named her Rogue after the x-men character. She fits in with our zoo perfect.

     It has always been a dream and strong desire of  me and Luke's to adopt. Adopting Rogue, as silly as it may seem, has reminded me of this love and dream. It is my hope to start taking classes within the next 6 months and maybe in the next few years to adopt! 

     On a little side note Levi is doing much better in the pooping area :) I am doing my best and failing sometimes with the dairy free thing... but moving along :)

Thankful for all things today :)


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