Did I mention??

     So, it's no secret that this past year was...hard! But lately it has been dreamy. I feel happy and at peace in a way I have never felt before:) I needed that lol A huge part of this is that I love being a mom!! Yay!! It's great. 
     Yes, it is so trying, hard, exasperating, and very testing for lack of a better word and to be generous. But as I sometimes put it, babies are addicting too. 

     I believe that our lil baby teacher's make us better people. They love you in a way that you did not know was possible. They try you, making you run to the feet of Jesus. They give joy that you can't buy. Oh and those snuggles! Those sweet sweet tears when they get bobo's and need only their mommy or daddy! When your sad and they ask what is wrong and love on you.

     I have found tho, that being a mom is one of those things you have to really just give yourself to, wholly and completely. That does not mean that we don't do other things that we love or are good at. It just means that this comes first! I think that EVERY mother from time to time and sometimes, more times than others, goes through an identity crisis. 

     There are a lot of opinion's out there as to what a mother should "look like". Is there really only ONE way that a mom should "look like"? I say, NO WAY! . Just like relationships, faces, personalty's, ect. mom's are unique to their, mom hood.
     So we mom's need to stop judging other mom's and love their, mom hood, appreciate it! That said we can also stop being so stubborn and learn from each other! OK that was the mom in me I guess lol.So mama keep on keepen on and don't feel like your the only one out there!
     As I nurse my baby and he stops and looks up at me with that big smile and those dimples my heart melts, as my eyes fill with tears. When Judah puts on his bumble bee outfit and chases the cat with a laugh that comes from his whole body. When Hadassah cleans her room and comes out and says, "Mommy come see I did it, I did it," with her lil high pitched happy, yay!! I'm sold! Hook line and sinker. 

     Did I mention that I love being a mom, love it, love it! And I love being the mom of Luke Stasi's kids!

This is my heart in 3 pieces!
Thank you Jesus!! 



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