Hard Day for Mommy and Baby!

     Today I had a long Chiropractor appointment with a massage (thanks mom for the b-day present:)) and had to leave Levi with Luke. Luke wanted me to do this because next month is our first wedding. This is a first in my little mommy world all this leaving baby, pumping, ( which is soo weird btw), and bottles.

     With Hadassah and Judah I never left for more than two hours and only if I had too. We did not have our business until after Judah was weened ( well mostly weened). Both Kids went straight from the breast to the sippy cup, just skipped the whole bottle thing all together. So I kinda feel like a new mommy all over again, in a new world, treading in new waters.

     I fed him from the breast when I left this morning at 8 and when I got home Luke was feeding him from a bottle :(. Makes my lil mommy heart sad. It was sweet to see daddy, for the first time, feeding lil baby, but sad for Levi and I! He hates the stupid bottle btw and is NOT wanting it:(. Poor Luke is trying everything and most of all not letting Levi see me, sad face here again! So Luke fed him some cereal with a lil of my milk and some water and then laid him back down after changing his diaper. You would think that I would be like ohh a lil break, but really it all makes me want to cry.

     It is only for one day and only for like 8 hours and today is the 1st time we have done this, but still... It really is amazing how much they become who we are on a daily basis. It is a beautiful  thing to be a mom even with all that hard work!

    Hope that your day is blessed and  that the Goodness and Joy of The Lord is filling you today :)


  1. This is sweet! But yes , your hubby is right , you need this time to yourself to get back into things and refresh a little . But I can also understand your point... the kids are what makes up who you are ... and how can somebody say to stop being yourself for 8 hours? lol Just not possible! But in any case I hope it was wonderful ! You deserve it!

  2. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I decided to start weening Rosin and at the thought of that I bawled like a baby and Dereck held me and rocked me like a baby. Then the next day I found out I was pregnant, so then it wasn't so hard because I though, okay I get to nurse a brand new baby in a few months. Rosin likes the bottle fine now, but I was one having the hard time with the whole thing.It's such a special thing, mommies and babies

    1. I know Kayla I don't want to stop at allll!! I guess apart of me is happy that he hates the bottle butttt.... I also know that he needs it if I am gone! Yay! on the baby King sooooo excited :)


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