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        Sorry it has been awhile, our whole family minus the baby had that nasty flu bug :/

     So my new lil man of the house, Levi, has yet to get a cute lil nick name. I have a few that I like but just want to call him all of them! I went thru the same thing with Haddie girl. She had a lot in her short lil 3 years. I am sure that she will have more.

    Nick names may seem meaningless but not to me! I think that there is something so personal and affectionate about them. I had some to, some that we will mention and some that we will not... My favorite that both my parents called me, which is a big deal because they have been divorced since I was an infant, is baby girl.

     My lil Levi is getting so big! Already 3 months! Sleeps like a champ and is sooo good! Smiles all the time and already reaches for things and crabs them. Flips from his belly to his back and so on...

 Here are a few that I have been calling him...

"Deep Blue"
 Because those blues are so deep. All 3 of my kids have blue eyes but they are each different. Haddies are like icey blue and Judah's are like sky blues and Levi has deep ocean blues.

This name for a few of reason's. One because he has classic pooh on his blanky and two because well.... some poo things :) Lastly because he has a sweet, calm, peaceful personality like pooh bear.

Well, this one for those A.MAZING dimples that make him look like he has a french mans mustasch! Oh how I loveeee those dimples :) He even has a clef in his chin :)

Or we could just say Luke Jr...For crying out loud lol
 So put in your vote and tell me what you think :)

On to other News I just have to say that I have been enjoying this handsome blondey lately :) All potty trained and doing much better lately, I guess he went through a hard year like the rest of us. But we are all coming  through it now :) Thank you Jesus!

Putting together a post about my B-day :) 


  1. I vote for " Deep Blue"! Or you could just call him "Blue" for short! Either way I love it!


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