My big 27th Birthday!

     I turned 27 on February 17th 2012. My husband was so sweet to me and made my day so special. I loved  my little babies telling me happy birthday sweet made my heart melt.
     Twenty-seven years... depending on where you are in life this can be young or old. Only 3 years away from being the BIG 30 that we all either dread or joke that we do. I guess in a way I am like, wow,  30, scary. But the other side of me is happy. The last 5 years of my life have been my happiest. The older we get it seems like we makes less HUGE emotional mistakes that we made in our youth. We get older but, we get wiser. So I guess what I am saying is I can see the good in getting older too.
     Thank you to everyone that sent me gifts and cards and wished me a Happy B-day. Thank you to my husband who loves me and makes me so happy and spoils me beyond what I deserve :)

What I wore...
 My sweet lovely husband got me this lace jacket because I love lace. He picked it out all by him self! Yeah he's good :)

This cute necklace has lil blue owls on it, I also love owls. Thank you to my Smith Family!

My new jeans from my birthday money and my cute thrift shoes :)

Annndddd this A W E S O M E yellow pea coat that, YES, my husband got me :) Thank you baby :)

I loveee it!! lol

My handsome man with his thrifty finds on. Love that tie!

OF course my 3 babes... The Ballerina, Iron Man, and our birthday date buddy, lil blue dimples :)
Luke took me to Cloud Nine in Baxter Village, the food was soooo good! We got a great deal from We got coffee and had a great time! 

Hope you Have a great, great day or night which ever it is for you :)


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