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I searched and searched on Pinterest for what I should make to take to this meeting I was going to. A meeting where us blogging girls would get together and meet for the first time. At the time of the meeting I had only 12 followers, most of which were close friends and family. On top of that I only really knew one of the girls who were going to be at the meeting.  Nervous and afraid does not even describe how I felt!

I am a type A personality and a bit of a perfectionist, and I am sure that has a lil to do with all my fear and nervousness.  All of the bloggers that I knew of that were going had hundreds more followers than me, and they were wayyyy more experienced than me. Why was I even going? Who do you think you are? I would tell myself...I tossed around in my mind over and over again that no one would want me to be there! This was for the BIG blogs, come on Brit! 

But, my husband, mom and best friend told me there's no way  that your not going, you should go. My husband told me you HAVE to go! So I told myself and my husband and my mom and my best friend, guess I have to talk things out, :) that I was going to go and just be me. WAIT, just a minute, me? No! Being me is a bad thing?... a good thing?? I really struggle with me, is it ok to be me? who is me? I have thought for a long time that the way that I am is NOT ok, that I am one of the only ones like me and that is why so many have a hard time understanding me. A lil secret that people don't know about me is that I am nervous and shy, but force myself to step out, once I do that and the water is warm I am fine. I don't know I can't even figure myself out???

So I picked out what I was going to make, got brave and put it on the RSVP page and my blog url and committed in my mind... I was going! 

I made fruit smoothies and Mango agua fresca  
and had some lil cute helpers!

My sweet George helped me put all the yarn and fabric on my baby jar smoothies.

 They said it tastes good :)

Right before I left Luke snapped a few shots of what I wore.
My .50 cent moccasins loveee them!

That is my nervous face lol

Jess with her lil baby bump :) love

Ocean, Bekah's lil girl from My little Loves, just fell in love with Blue and I with her! She was so sweet and beautiful!

Blue, of course, was perfect! Sooo cute and sweet lookin fly in his vest :)

Love these dolls that Jess makes! Buy one from her :) boho baby bump

I was there and Loving it :) 

Who would think that one day, one meeting could change the way you see your self? That one day could bring so many beautiful lovely ladies into your life that you could connect with immediately and see a beautiful friendship?
  I was an hour late and shaking all over! But as soon as I came in Bekah came right up to me and introduced her self and made me feel welcome. As we all started to talk I stated to feel better and better. I stated to realize that we were all a lot a like and that we thought alike, found the same things funny and so on... I realized that there are more beautiful ladies out there like me, but not like me, unique in their own way.
I stayed right till the end it went way way too fast! The day ended with a lil heart to heart with Jess opening myself up a lil sharing what I have been going through. It was nice to share and trust someone!
Summing it all up, yeah it was great! I was silly to be afraid especially since we all were :) And it really was life changing for me! I was so blessed to meet all of you and I am so excited to see where this new adventure takes us :)

So really, really check these sweet ladies out :)

P.S. I did not get as many pictures as I would have loved to because I was holding Blue :( But that's ok next time!


  1. Love your take on the event. Yes, your little man was looking so cute in his vest! So glad you came and had such good encouragement!

  2. Glad you had a great time!!!So next time you freak and think "who am I to....". Just remeber , you're YOU , and that is a beautiful thing indeed! <3 ya Brit! Don't ever change for anybody. We love you for who you are!!!!

  3. Brittney, you are beautiful and I really enjoyed our talks! It was so great to meet you - you didn't seem nervous at all! Your little man looks so much like your hubby btw now that I've seen pics! <3

    1. My nervousness comes out in really weird ways?? I don't even understand it?! lol

    2. And thank you :) I thought that you were very beautiful as well :)

  4. Brittney, you really are gorgeous, inside and out.... and I could not agree more with what you wrote. The meetup was the exact same thing for me. I felt affirmed, comfortable in my own skin and just so fascinated by and interested in these women (especially you!) I left feeling confident to shine and be who I was created to be. Thank you for putting this into words! You are fantastic.

    1. That is so neat on so many levels :) Thank you Paige!! love ya ;)

  5. Brittney, I'm sorry we didn't really get a chance to talk as I had to scoot out a little early. You little guy was so handsome in is vest! You have a lovely family and I enjoyed reading about your take on the day. I hope we can all do this again, soon!

    1. Yes! I look forward to getting to know you more over time! We def. have to do this again!

  6. This made me so, so happy! I cannot wait to see your sweet face again and have a lonnnnng chat.

    1. Bekah me toooo!! I am looking forward to that with great joy in my heart :)

  7. I found your blog through Paige's and I have to say, you are stunning--in both your looks and your words! I'm glad to have found your blog!

  8. I found your blog through Paige's and I just have to say, you are stunning--in both your looks and your words! I'm glad to have found your blog!

    1. Rachel
      Thank you sooo much :) That jjust made my day :) Hope you are blessed by something I say :)


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