Crazy Mama!!

     Today has been one of those day when you want to throw all the kids and the cat outside, lock the doors and turn the music up wayyyy high! Then make a cup of coffee and pretend you are on the beach allllll by your self! Not a single person with you, just you and that coffee and the Holy Spirit giving you the fruits of the Spirit.

     Most days I don't even want to go to the store with out my kids or husband but not's just one of those days! Oh and it's only 12:20 in the afternoon! Oh help! Judah just broke  my fav vintage lamp he said, "Mommy I am so, so sorry!" So I can't be mad but, I am sad :(

    All 3 kids are down for a nap now...whew....Maybe it will be better for the 2nd half of the day?!

     In better news Haddie had her picture taken at Ballet today with all her lil Ballet Friends :) They were soo cute! The awesome duo of Tj and Rebekah Petrino @ charlotte photography studios took the pics of the girls. I of course snapped a few of my own, what photographer could resist?  I will put some up soon :)

She is so beautiful!


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