Mommy Daughter Date

     Luke and I try and make it a point to do one on one time with each of the kids at different times. Especially if they are showing that they are in need of such time. So Haddie and I went on a lil mommy daughter "date". We blasted Adele the whole ride to the grocery store and sang at the top of our lungs. Her fav. song is "I set fire to the Rain", so we listened to that the whole time; fine by me. :)

     She was my helper and shopping buddy. I got her her own lil snack and we got our food list together. Got two things done at once and really enjoyed teaching, signing, loving and laughing with my lil fashionista.

Loveeeeee being a mommy, just hope I don't mess it up :/

As parents we have a few goals, bottom lines in our parenting :

1.That they have a close and personal relationship with Jesus and that I show them this, not by just "telling" them.
2.To have good loving discipline. To teach them work ethic and self control.
3.That I support them each in who God made them as  individuals.
4.And to love, love, and love some more. To have compassion on/for others.

Oh I am sure there is lots more to it, I know there is, but from here I will go out of and forward. 


  1. You are so special Brittney. You make your Mommy proud. I love you so much.

  2. Awww...tears... thank you so much mama I love you sooo much!! You are so loving and kind to me teaches me how to love my babies :)


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