Oh yeah I got that deal!

The Jacket and the tie
$4.99 for Jacket
$2.00 for tie



This was the shirt that I wore on my birthday.
For Judah 
For Haddie
For Luke 
For Levi
I dunno why, but I love these old cheap paintings of Europe
Big Yellow pants, with BIG pockets.
$2.50 love this lil sweater

And the Grand Finale of treasure finds ....

A Kenmore Bread maker!! I have been wanting one for awhile. We got it for $24.99 and had to order a part that was $2.50 plus shipping $8.00. Yay for savings :)

Last but NOT least. A cappuccino maker for $8.00. Luke was going to ask for one for his b-day but then we found this. He makes cap's all the time. After just making us Cap's one time paid for this!  I guess I get a lil excited about a deal :)

We all love a good deal right? Luke and I have become a lil obsessed  I think, ha, never mind that! A lil patience and a lil more stopping by to see if there is any thing and you really can find those good deals! Now I have to start NOT getting those good deals on things I don't REALLY need :) Happy hunting! Remember I would LOVE to hear about how you find deals, where you find them and sooo on :)


  1. I love free stuff! There are several email lists I'm a part of here that you both give and get things for free. Best deal ever? Our crib and mattress, all I had to pay for was movers to move it (100 shekel, I think, about $25 at the time)

  2. That is a GREAT idea!! I should start something like that here! Thanks for the idea :)

  3. Brittany, there is actually something like that here in Charlotte. I'm on the email list. It's a yahoo group called "Freecycle-Charlotte"

    1. Awesome :) I should have known lol. Thanks for telling me I will defiantly have to check that out :)

  4. We LOVE thrift store shopping and estate sales. We found a full size sectional for $30 at an estate sale. Oh and our 32in Zenith HD TV and stand for $40. Yeah! It's crazy to pay full price for ANYTHING! Brit, let me know if you know of any sites that I can get on for the email lists. We would love to find some more good deals. Thanks LOVE!

  5. Love hearing about good deals. I also love the recycling factor. I'll let you know if I find any thing :)


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