What we wore.

     Here's a lil "what we wore" of this lil family of five on there way to church on a Sunday morning here in beautiful sunny South Carolina.

First up is Bub aka Bubbo aka Judah. Look at that face, hard to resist! 

MMMMM break me off a piece of that, or the WHOLE thang!! :)  Love that lil thrifty tie true vintage :) 

Love this one because even through you can't see Judah Luke is smiling at him. 
Proud papa :)

Then we have our own lil fashionesta who picked out her own outfit, as always! 
Her high water hot pink skinny jeans and Hat to top it all off :) Love it!!

Girl knows all about how to pose for a picture lol 

Love this pose!! 

Little Blue is sporten some sporty NC Panthers. Man is he NOT the cutest!!
 Love that lil Blue!

These are just one of my many, I must admit, thrift cow girl boots :) 

Love the on sale from Target Big Flare jeans :) 

Put my hair into three parts and then twisted up with bobby pins. Found on Pinterest you can follow me HERE if you would like. Then just put on my scarf. Tied on top and tucked in.

Love these vintage earnings I got in Columbus, OH while thrifting there. Basically I go where ever I travel :)

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend :) Happy Friday tomorrow! I am going to have a great weekend I just know, I get to meet some fellow blogging ladies and mama's at a meet up! I'll take lots of pics and show you next week! Remember Jesus NEVER leaves He will be faithful even when we are not trust in Him and He will see you through :) 
blessings love me :) 


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