3 years for my lil Bubbo

      Three years ago today it was Easter Sunday and I was in labor with my lil blondey. When I was pregnant with Hadassah I had a dream that I gave birth to a lil girl and they wrapped her in pink and then I gave birth to a lil boy. They wrapped him in blue and held him up, he had a perfect lil round head with bleach blonde hair, and that's when I knew what he would look like :)

As I was pushing him out, very fast may I add because the year before I had basically been doing the very same thing. Haddie was 4 months old when I got pregnant with Judah. Any way as I was pushing him out with one hand pushing his foot down since he was trying to use my ribs as a push off, I was asking Luke and Jordan, "Does he have blonde hair? Does he??"
And then there he came so very tiny and mad that I had took him out of that safe quite place. I had had a  lot of prophetic dreams concerning Judah because while I was pregnant with him I had some placenta problems...God spoke to me in my dreams, warning me and telling me how to pray. He came out just fine and healthy :) He had to have the "glow blanket" but all was well :) 
He had Angel kisses on both eyes and still does just not as dark. Judah David is his name and it suits him perfect! He is strong and forceful, yet at the same time very gentle, sensitive, and loving!
Truth is he reminds me a lot of myself :) 

Coming Home :)

Luke's dad

So Haddie being so lil gave Judah the nick mane Bubbo, then he got REALLY chubby and he became Chubbo Bubbo :) 

His 1st Birthday!!

I love this boy so much he makes my heart happy!

He has the softest Cheeks, the most kissable!! 

Long hair don't care with dirty face <3
He is the first to wake up every morning, but he always comes straight to mama and gets in and snuggles me. Now that Levi is most of the time already in there with me he whispers mama can I snuggle you and  I put blue back in his bed and he crawls in sooo close. He has done this ever since he could climb out of his crib, even as I got pregnant and my belly grew he would snuggle both of us. When he was lil he would sit and rub my face whispering mama I love you so much as I fell back asleep.

I love you Judah David so much, I love you for who you are and I can't wait to see the man of God that you will be! Love you baby love mama


  1. My son's hair looks JUST like your son's hair in the last pic! JUST like it! :)

  2. awww Brit , this is amazing! It really touched me . for once in my life... you left me speechless..... and we both know that's next to impossible! Such beautiful love! Makes me warm and fuzzy! Love you , beautiful mamma!

  3. Oh my, that image of a little one stroking your face is just priceless! So sweet!

  4. Thanks Ladies I could have written a book but no time for that lol :)


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