Jesus Is Alive 2012

     I made my basket's for the two big kids the night before. I got them each a book that told them about Jesus, the reason we have Easter.As I read them the story I began to cry. The Lords goodness can be over whelming! As I tried to tell my babies about Jesus and His great, great Love for us I was reminded! I was reminded how great, deep, wide, merciful, kind, gentle, forgiving, ever faithful, courageous, bold, romantic, and just plain astounding His love for us really is.  I was reminded of how great what He did on the cross for us really was!! 

So that I could have this....

 We had a great Easter or Resurrection Sunday :) We went to church and then our friends the Krysty's came over and sweet Amanda made us all dinner! For what ever reason we did not get a pic of them lol sorry guys. We hunted eggs and had a little fire in the back yard.
It was a great time of laughing. joking and even crying as we prayed for one another and got words for each other. It was a real treat!

How was your Easter?
Hope you are doing good today 


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