Yay! to making friends...

     My beautiful friend Jessica over at boho baby bump, was so sweet to invite me to meet some other mommy's on a lil baby pool play date. If you did not know Luke and I met here in Fort Mill got married and after we had Judah we moved to Scranton, PA for 2 years to start a church, or as we call it, a church plant.

     Any way, longgggg story short we did that and then moved back right before Blue was born. So we still knew a lot of people here but I did not know a lot of mommy's my age. I am feeling so very blessed these past weeks between the blogger meet up and then meeting these mommies. It is one thing that is making my hurt heart feel very blessed! Truth is I am very blessed and the things that have hurt me and do, are pale in comparison!
My sweet big girl 

Blue was worken on his tan...boys white!

Forest was telling me something lol

They were sleepy...

Jess and Micah 

Even Blue made some new friends :) The beautiful Mrs. Morgan.

I did not get a pic of the beautiful hostess and mommy of Micah  or Oliver, did not realize till I got home ( good thing I don't bring my kids with on photo shoots lol) :( 
Did I mention how sweet and kind they all were? Well they were great! Thank you Kim for letting me and my crew come over even though you had never met us :) 

Hope your heart is finding the happy things in your life :)


  1. What a sweet time! I can't wait to be around you ladies again!

    1. Same here! I think about the next time we all get together again often! <3

  2. Lovely! A day in the sun and with friends always does a heart good.

  3. I am SO glad you got to do this, and I feel the same way about the meet-up. Can't wait until our paths cross again.

    1. Yes!! Maybe we should start planning, even if it's way far in advance!? :)

  4. awww... looks like so much fun!!!


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